Who We Are

AMR – Your Independent MRI Resource 

Advanced MRI Consulting, Inc., is a team of independent MRI experts with a long successful track record of assisting imaging facilities and service providers with ACR, applications, and scanner optimization.

AMR has 20+ years of experience with all major OEM’s scanners, all field strengths, both human and veterinary imaging. (Nationwide references available upon request.) 

  • ACR and ASE; entire projects or customized support; on-site or remote.
  • Applications; Advanced or Basic
  • Remote Quality Assistance; Image Quality and Throughput issues

Our clinical and research background lets us efficiently assist with getting your site accredited and your scanner optimized; image quality as well as throughput. We also make sure your MR Technologists are comfortable with their new scanner, and that hey stay comfortable.

There are no hidden fees with AMR. When you contract with AMR for a full ACR or ASE project,  you pay what we quote upfront and we don’t leave your side until the job is done.  

Partial services; i.e. Quick-Check your final images with AMR before your ACR submission, or call or email us with your image or throughput problem, perhaps send us a few sample images on a disc if need be – it’s that simple (see the practical examples link below.)  

Applications and training. Application packages included with scanner purchase are often not enough to get the most out of your new investment. There are simply too many variables; the number of Technologists, their different experiences, what’s expected by owners /  Radiologists, emerging marketing needs, etc. Let us work out an applications / training plan with your site that maximizes learning and minimizes the need for more on-site resources. 

We communicate effectively with your entire team; Owners, Radiologists, Technologists, Service Engineers, and Physicists – less guessing and finger pointing, less scanner time blocked off. 

We collect our own data – no need for assistance from an MRI Technologist. We can also make protocol changes on the fly together with your Radiologist and Technologist.  

Retain AMR for complete projects like ACR Assistance or ASE, or download images for an ACR Quick Check™. You can also involve us on an hourly basis to solve image quality or throughput issues; see practical examples.

AMR offers competitive pricing, based on number of systems and their location.

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Tel: (708) 952-0902