ACR Assistance

Complete ACR project support with Pass Assurance, from on-line application through final approval. In the rare event we have to re-submit a sequence for approval, we stay on-top until full accreditation is achieved, absorbing all extra fees and expenses in the process. 

Customized ACR support, assisting only with the parts you need help with,  down to checking your mages with us before final submission.

AMR has a 25+ year track record with a >99% ACR pass rate, which is exactly why we can offer our Pass Assurance with our complete ACR package. We are also there for your site should it get audited by the ACR.

No hidden fees. If the Annual System Evaluation is part of the approval / renewal process, we offer that service at a reasonable price that includes Audit Prep and Safety Review – services when billed separately increases total cost significantly.

Our clinical and physicist background lets us scan and gather data, as well as analyze it all ourselves – clinical and phantom. No MR Technologist required at the console, unless training is involved.

Site readiness. We make sure your site is ready before we come out, by addressing issues like shimming or failing coils in advance by communicating directly with the appropriate members on your team – technical, clinical, or regulatory.

Failing ACR is expensive – free up time and avoid failing, which comes with additional fees and unnecessary attention.

♦ Online Application
♦ Qualifications / Requirements
♦ Policies / Compliance
♦ Protocol Optimization
♦ Clinical / Phantom Reviews
♦ Site Data Collection
♦ Online Data Upload
♦ Final Mailing

Qualifications: 25 + years’ experience in assisting MRI facilities &
hospitals to pass ACR accreditation phantom & clinical submission on 0.2T to 3.0T systems – all major OEMs.

Grandfathered in in 2009 by ACR, having met the ACR MRI scientist/physics Annual System Evaluations (ASE) requirements.

AMR maintains the ACR minimum yearly requirements for ASEs and Continuing Education. The ASE MRAP numbers are available to ACR/CMS upon request.

Competitive pricing offered, based on number of systems and proximity.

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