Annual System Evaluation / 3rd Party Physics Testing, compliant with JCAHO, CMS and Insurance requirements.

AMR offers a complete evaluation; full support for a fixed price. Don’t pay any extra fees for scan reviews, QC staff training, or 2nd visits after coil calibration, magnet shim or general system repair. Unexpected charges can easily add up to more than $1,500. We offer a flat competitive price, based on the number of systems involved and their locations.

We bring over 20 years’ of clinical and physics expertise, and can effectively communicate with your entire team. We will quickly resolve any issue that stands in the way of a clean report.

AMR’s Evaluation Summary Report ensures that your scanner is optimized, and  your site on-top of all regulatory issues.

Scope of services;

* Service History Review
* Coordinate with site and site’s FSE to ensure system readiness prior to visit
* System Performance Evaluation
* Data Collection
* ACR/CMS Audit Protection Preparation Requirement Review
* Safety Training / Review
* Site / Tech QC Development
* Soft Copy Display Testing
* Phantom Scans Review prior to ACR

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