Remote Support and RQA

Solving an image quality or a throughput MRI problem means understanding the entire imaging process – scanner basics through individual protocol parameters and clinical applications.

AMR has 20+ years’ experience in assisting facilities and service providers in optimizing¬† image quality and scan times; remotely and on-site.

RQA; Remote Quality Assistance. This program let’s lets imaging facilities and service provider use AMR as an independent MRI resource. Contact us, describe the issue and, if need be, send us a disc with images depicting the issue – as easy as that.

Practical Example 1; a client’s breast images displayed poor fat suppression – a malfunctioning coil was suspected. After reviewing the data, AMRI determined it was an applications issue. A phone call was scheduled to provide the ISO’s FSE the necessary assistance with graphic volume shim and manual cstun fat suppression – problem solved. No unnecessary coil and amplifier testing required.

Practical example 2; a site took delivery of the latest MRI system from a leading OEM – different to the one their staff and Radiologists were used to (and did not particularly care for – at first.) A certain throughput was promised – a throughput that could not be achieved right away. AMR was called out as a neutral resource to help identify if the bottle-neck resided within the scanner, with the protocols or lack of applications. We resolved the issue quickly through our expertise, neutrality and tact. Throughput was met, and the site became a reference-site for the OEM.

Additional applications . The standard applications and training package that comes with a scanner purchase is often not enough to get full potential out of the new investment – too many variables; skill level of technologists, access to technologist, individual learning curves, access to scanner, performance of scanner – so on and so on. AMR is your extra resource for those situations- especially when it comes to advanced applications and protocol building / optimization.

AMR has 20+ years’ of proven track record from satisfied customers, and can also draw from 30+ years’ of clinical and research MRI experience.¬† Experience and neutrality makes it easy for us to effectively communicate with all parties involved to quickly resolve any issue – less finger pointing.

We take full ownership – our client pays what we quote upfront and we stay until we’re done. No hidden fees.

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