Protocol Optimization

Protocol and system optimization will optimize image quality and shorten scan-times,  AMR will make sure both these variables are optimized. There are also situations when there’s an opportunity to go after new revenue streams and new protocols are needed – AMR can help with that as well.

AMR will work with your entire team; Radiologists, Technologists and site FSE to optimize your system and protocols, or develop and implement the new protocols you need. We have 20+ years’ of proven track record, and also draw from 25+ years’ of clinical / research experience at two leading academic institutions.

Ideally we’d like to see an image example from the protocol in question before we come out,  just to determine that there aren’t any obvious system problems at hand – contact us to either download or send us a CD. On many occasions it’s been proven enough to use our remote quality assistance (RQA) program to get an existing protocol optimized and running well, see practical example.

AMR will quote a not-to-exceed price, and stay with you until we’re done – until the optimized protocols are running to your teams satisfaction.

There’s no need to loose referrals due to poor image quality, long examination times, or lack of offered imaging services.

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