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AMR has been an additional applications and training resource for 20+ years’ for end users and service providers. We offers flexible scheduling and competitive rates, and have a proven track record on all major OEM’s clinical MRI scanners; all models and field strengths, human and veterinary imaging.

We have a thorough understanding of all challenges involved with applications and training, and can also support with QC development staff training and audit preparations.

The standard applications package that comes with a scanner purchase is often not enough for a site to realize the full potential of their new investment. There are simply too many variables involved; skill level of technologists, access to technologist, individual learning curves, access to scanner, performance of scanner, and so on. AMRI can be your extra resource for any of those situations.

Additional applications can also be difficult to schedule through the equipment seller, plus, there are times when our independent expertise can benefit both end user and seller – no one benefits from finger pointing and missed throughput targets.

Standard protocols only takes you so far, and ACR is continuously raising the bar for image quality standards. We make sure we’re on top of the latest imaging techniques and all regulatory rules.

AMR has developed a strong training program, based on MR physics and practical clinical hands-on. We tailor each session to each clients specific needs; bread-and-butter imaging through more advanced imaging techniques. We provides a comfortable learning environment that produces confident, knowledgeable, and productive technologists.

We don’t leave until the job is done; staff and scanner up to task -technologists, system components, software, pulse sequences, and post processing – all working together.

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