ACR Quick – Check

Check your final images with us before submission.

This program is aimed at sites comfortable with acquiring their own clinical and phantom images according to ACR guidelines, but would like assurance that the images will pass before submitting them. We have helped hundreds of sites get accredited over the past 25+ years, and will let you know within two business days if your images will pass or not.

If we feel further image optimization is required, we will explain in our report what images and why, and work with you remotely or on-site until your images are up to par. One hour of remote telephone support and a three rounds of image analysis is included in the price – phantom and (anonymized) clinical images.

Our expertise will help resolve Image Quality issues that span scanner,  shim, coils, protocols, applications, and service.

Your scanner failed ACR? Send us your data so we can help get your system back up to specs fast – why risk failing again and pay more in all sorts of ways.

Get access to an independent and competent MRI resource today.

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